We are looking for individuals and companies willing to contribute $25,000 as founding funds for the film. This provides the resources for us to seek full funding and production arrangements.

You can mail checks made out to the "Terry Lakin Action Fund" to and mail them to "Terry Lakin Action Fund
PO Box 1116, Bel Air, MD 21014." Put MOVIE in the memo field.

For more information please contact Dean Haskins through our Contact Form

Letter from the Producers

OfficerOathMoviePoster-v01-320Officer's Oath: The Movie

Amidst the cacophony of destruction that continues to decimate our true, historic America, and the inane cult of personality that has barricaded itself around the empty suit who illegitimately poses as our president, there is a poignant, heroic story that must not be forgotten, or falsely relegated to the "conspiracy theory" chapter in the annals of our national history. It is the story of a steadfast soul who paid an incredible price to protect and defend our Constitution from the band of domestic enemies who are bombarding the very foundations of this country—attempting to eradicate everything that our Founding Fathers envisioned, and for which our forebears fought and sacrificed for generations.

That national hero is Terry Lakin.

Terry knowingly sacrificed his military career, endured a court-martial, and ultimately spent nearly half a year in Leavenworth Prison simply for standing up for the Constitution he pledged to uphold and defend. His story is detailed in the book "An Officer's Oath," which is recommended reading for anybody who reveres this country and the Constitution by which we were successfully governed for so many years.

A team of dedicated professionals is at the genesis of framing Terry's story in a fascinating new way, and we could certainly use your help! We would like to tell this story through the production of a feature-length narrative motion picture in a way that would be acceptable for viewing by a very large demographic, as well as remaining true to the facts and details that typically get us shunned by much of that same population. That, indeed, will be a very fine tightrope to walk, but we believe it can be done through a faith-based vehicle.

Having just been involved in the production of a feature-length motion picture, we know that the process from inception to finished product isn't merely a journey, but several separate journeys that all (hopefully) end at the same place. However, as with any journey, the first step must be taken, and we are taking that step. We are committed to reaching the end of this journey with a dynamic story that has an uplifting message (and a few poignant national warnings along the way).

As I stated, we all believe wholeheartedly in Terry, and feel that his story is compelling and worthy of being told in this way to the American public. Won't you consider being a part of this highly relevant and historically necessary narrative? Our first steps will be to establish a strong production team and to raise the funds necessary for production. This will be no small task, as the film-making budget alone will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To fund this part of the journey, we need $25,000 as soon as possible. That will cover the expense of marketing the story itself to enlist the production team, and to meet with potential investors who can provide the necessary production funding. Of course, any amount you can give will be greatly useful and appreciated. If, however, you would like to fund a large part of this initial seeding, or even all of it, we could discuss the possible eventual return of your investment, if you would like.

We look forward to your reply,

Dean Haskins & Marco Ciavolino
Executive Producers

"An Officer's Oath" the movie

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